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Some of these links will generate a small commission for me if you decide to purchase anything from them. This helps pay for the "Here On Maui" website, and I appreciate it!

  • Free Maui Official Vacation Planner
  • Maui Weather Today -- More detailed info that on the weather bug on my home page.
  • Maps
  • So You Want to Move to Maui, eh? Read this first!
  • Best Travel Websites
  • Best Place to Find a Hotel
  • Best Place to Find a Condo
  • Maui Newspapers
  • Hawaiian Lei Company -- They're not cheap, but I've found them to be a very reliable source for fresh leis, shipped daily.  Mine usually last about two weeks.
  • Destination Specialists
  • CVB (Maui Convention & Visitors Bureau)
  • Maui County Website -- This is a must visit. It's a great website, and they have info that you should read before your trip so you can be prepared for a couple of typical Maui emergency possibilities.